👞Review Thursday // Freshly Picked 🍼👞

👞Review Thursday // Freshly Picked 🍼👞

Freshly Picked



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I had to take the pictures while she was asleep because miss Sassy, Woman on a mission wouldn’t allow  me to take it otherwise!

I love these shoes!! They’re so beautiful, well-crafted shoes. I am so impressed with the quality both in the shoes & customer service. The baby and I both love the shoes, she didn’t want me to take them off. She tried putting them back on her feet herself lol. She would carry them around the house with her. In the package, there was a beautiful note from the woman herself (The owner). Susan said “Thank you for your order, I take great pride in our products and I sincerely appreciate your support. I hope you’re just delighted with your purchase and visit us again soon.” How awesome is that! Now I know she may have sent that message to everyone who purchased them but I feel special so don’t take that away from me, lol. I’m so glad to have gotten the experience to review these beautiful shoes. I’m grateful that I have images to show the baby when she gets older. These will most likely be going into her “Keep for when baby, is older” box.

7 things I like about you (Freshly Picked)

  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to take off
  • Soft sole, so it doesn’t hurt baby’s feet
  • Wear wit or without socks
  • Love how authentic the color is
  • Love how you’re advised to NOT wear with Native American headdress or things that depict Native American culture UNLESS you are NA.
  • Can be dressed up or dressed down

You know I LOVE me a good mompreneur story! I was reading Susan’s story on how she got started with a business. Wanna know what I learned? STAY THE COURSE! Push forward, stay humble, persistent, awesome and don’t be afraid to throw gold on errything! Susan started her business out of her need to have shoes for her baby son. That idea grew and blossomed to the huge business that it is!

This inspiration of a lady started on her kitchen sink!!

I love her business philosophy of “do what you do best and hire out the rest!”

If that doesn’t teach you never give up, then idk what will!



Tomorrow she’s wearing them to church, I’ll take some pics then and post it to my Instagram. Please check their site out www.freshlypicked.com

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