7 steps to thriving in power.

As women, we are constantly being bombarded with who we should be, how we should act and what we should do to please others.  We constanly under scruteny if we decide to be anything but cookie cutter and mandane. Everyday in the news, on social media in our everyday lives women are told and reminded that they do not have the power and that we should cowar in the pressence on a man. That we should dress “appropriately” so that we don’t draw attenton to ourselves, or in the cases I’ve personally gotten told “so that you don’t cause men to sin”. I disagree on all counts.

Most men are intimidated by a strong woman, a woman who knows her worth & adds tax. Somewhere someone got the concept that women are suppose to be weak damsels in distress waiting on a knight in shinning armor to come save them.

If this is the life you want, fine! I support you. But i want YOU to make that decision  and not to feel like you have to become complacent in order to be “loved, liked or cared for”. Let me tell you, there are men out there who yearn for a powerful woman. Heck our kids want to see that we are powerful. The world needs more powerful, intentionally aware and open minded women to rock it!

Within each and everyone of us has unlimited potential. We have an untapped resevoir of greatness and this is what this blog is about

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