A helmet for a Queen?

A helmet for a Queen?

A Queen lives in my house.

She rules my world, demands my attention & gets what she wants whenever she wants it because that’s what Queens do isn’t it?

My 1-year-old is now at the stage in life where she commands & gives no other options than to get what she requests.  If you attempt to not give her what she wants, be prepared for a full-blown temper tantrum.

When the Queen throws a tantrum (which is like 1500 times for the day) it’s a full production.  I mean throwing herself on the floor screaming, hitting her head and the list goes on. I’ve seen temper tantrums before but HOLY SHIT! What is this?

What is this??  Who does this?? How do I deal with this??

My child is a warrior. I can already see her walking through life as an adult, commanding & fitting it to her will. When I named her I knew she would rise up to the definition of strong-willed & defender.  I knew her personality would be strong.. I never thought that, that adult had to be a child.

So now I have to figure out how to guide this strong-willed child, so she can be an amazing strong-willed adult who will change this world for the positive.

So now at the age, within the tantrum stage I need to get her a helmet?  I’m worried that she will hurt her head during one of her tantrums. So tell me, what did you do for your child during your toddler tantrum stage?

Let’s chat!!

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2 thoughts on “A helmet for a Queen?”

  • Kids usually have tantrums to test u. Cuz u wld either give in or ignore them completely. Now if u do the first u will be stuck cuz a trend will begin. In their little minds they know tantrums get to u and they will use it against u. I personally never give in to tantrums with none of my kids. I ignored them and when they realised they got no attention by behaving this way twice. The tantrums stopped. Lol.

  • Thank God I didn’t hv to deal with this. As an island girl growing up, you cd not dare try that shit. So I was very old school and set boundaries very early with my kids, so trust me if they forgot for a minute and start that shit, by the time I call on them twice, it was over😂😂😂. So my advice to you is to set boundaries. I know she is young, but at her age she already knows how to get what she wants, so she is not too young learn about boundaries🙏. #MyTwoCents

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