Belle Arrival (Birth story)

Belle Arrival (Birth story)



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The day Queen Sass decided to make her¬†appearance was a euphoric for me. Although I was nervous, I was more than accommodating I had no other choice! She literally sashay’ed her way out. She came into the world happy, joyous and ready to add more love into the mix. Never did I know what love truly was until I found out she was growing inside of me. Of course, then I didn’t know she was a girl… Girl or boy, I was excited to become a mom. Ready to meet the tiny ten fingers and toes that stole my heart from the moment I knew I was pregnant. ¬†This is our birth story, the day she was born is also the day I morphed into a different person. ¬†Here is the rundown of what happened.

At 4 am, I woke up to the feeling of a slow river dripping out of me. Ha! That’s the best way I can express what it felt like. I figured it must just be me peeing on myself because after all, ¬†pregnancy does mess with your bladder. I didn’t contact my midwife (Although she said it’s ok to contact her at any time). I didn’t want to disturb her sleep so I figured I’d hold off until I knew for sure what was going on. I remember going back to sleep and waking up around six am, I figured it was a good time to let her know that I was leaking fluid. Man, at that time the contractions started and I KNEW it was labor, but I was still in denial. I kept thinking to myself, “is this baby really coming today?”

At about 6:30 am, I texted my midwife to let her know how I was feeling. I told her I “may or may not be in labor”, she called immediately! (Another reason I love her so much). She asked me “What are you feeling, whats going on?” Due to the fact that I read a lot, (blogs, social media post, google diagnosis)¬† I kind of had a slight idea what was transpiring with my body. That morning I had an appointment with her, so I told her that I would come in. She said to me “there’s no way you’re coming to see me on the bus, stay home stay hydrated and rest baby might be coming soon”. I wasn’t freaked out whatsoever, I didn’t have everything I wanted for baby but I was EXCITED. That unfiltered, life-changing joy!

I told my little sister (my Doula), that I needed her to stay home with me. I told my sister-in-law what was going on, but no one expected baby to come that day. By eight am I was in crazy pain but I was riding the contractions like I learned from the videos I watched the night earlier (I didn’t know I was having a baby the next day, I was just prepping). By nine am the contractions were stronger as I tried my hardest to sleep.¬†
I woke up again around maybe ten-ish 
contractions was stronger and closer. My midwife came over and checked me. With birth nothing is certain!!! After getting checked they left. Less than 30 mins later I was in the bathroom with the craziest sensation to push, and there was blood!¬†¬† I sent my midwife a picture and silently I was freaking out. She called me and we spoke she said she was on her way. The blood wasn’t heavy and it wasn’t a lot but that was the moment when I thought “holy cowshit, this is really happening.” Heidi (Midwife) came immediately which was so fast, in my opinion, Mary her assistant accompanied her, they checked me again and Heidi informed me that my baby was coming. I remember thinking THIS IS HAPPENING FOR REAL. BREATHE TREZELLE BREATHE. I WAS SO EXCITED AND HAPPY TO KNOW THAT MY BABY WAS COMING. The pain was intense but the love I had for my baby was crazy (I honestly think that’s what made her come sooner) we were both so ready to meet each other.

Everything was so perfect! The pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I had all these perceptions in my head of what it would be like but it was way more empowering, amazing and PERFECT. I was in pain but I was so happy.

month2-2Baby’s head was crowned and she was coming fast! After her head came out, Heidi told me to make small pushes to get her body out. Truth be told, there in that moment, I doubted myself. I doubted that I could continue… I felt things change, I felt the negativity trying to take control. There in that moment, I made a conscious decision to think positive thoughts. After my metal battle, I followed Heidi’s instructions and my little honey came and all I could do is cry! I gave birth to her, delivery was great but holding her in my arms, smelling her and feeling her delivered me from all the stress I was feeling. She delivered me from myself, it was no longer about me. She made me cry! The ugliest cry!! But those were happy tears, tears had held back for years. She delivered me!¬† An experience I couldn’t even have asked for. God was so great in providing both my girl and me with protection. The oxytocin levels in my room were so high, which made for a fast, beautiful and no stitch required delivery.

I decided to get baby’s placenta encapsulated and did cord prolong clamping. Esther cut the cord.Sitting here writing this I am so nostalgic.

****Following my birth all the videos and most of the pictures my sister recorded I accidentally deleted,¬† broke my heart. I do have images some though… Guess that will have to do as far as captured memories go2015-09-21 14.26.30.DSC_0163






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