Review Thursday// Chi Fashionista

Review Thursday// Chi Fashionista

This #momlife journey has been equally rewarding & eye opening. Brands & products I never thought existed are popping up al over the place. Who would’ve been thinking about bibs? Or maybe I am more aware of what’s available. And boy am I excited!

Excited enough to introduce you to today product for review. You will love this one!


Ok so here’s my initial reaction to the bib & the sippy cup leash.

When I first opened the package (sorry I don’t have a video, the video got deleted on accident) I was blown away. The colors were so warm & vivid. I gave Amanda (Store owner & fellow mompreneur) my color choices, and she stuck to it and delivered a stunning product. & they match! The products were created & delivered before I could blink. She works fast! Upon inspecting the bib & the leash, I realized that they were well crafted. Honestly, there wasn’t a stitch out of place; the fabric felt comfortable, the stitching was secure & overall looked very stylish. Her sewing skills are phenomenal. It was wrapped so carefully & was accompanied with a custom letter addressed to me. Swoon***


About two months ago Amanda sent me the package, but I wasn’t able to do the review right away. She has been patient, understanding & sweet about the situation. It feels so great to have a store owner who has a heart, who sees how hectic life can be & cares enough to reach out now and then just to see how I am doing. Her customer service is excellent & she truly is a warm woman at heart.

The full body bibs & sippy cup leash. It’s the PERFECT gift for your new baby, or for a friend’s or family member’s baby. I can’t say know good things about it.

I’ve been using the full body bib ALOT!
My little Queen can be a mess maker sometimes.
Amidst the NOs and temper tantrums, we are trying new foods, eating plenty of fruit & making happy messes. Hence the reason why the bib is perfect.
One Saturdays we go to church, so along comes the bib & sippy leash. No one wants food dirtying up her beautiful dress or her sippy cup dropping to the floor during snack time or on the rare occasion that we eat lunch with our church members. I’ve washed these two items more than fifty times, and the stitching hasn’t fallen off, it hasn’t shrunk or shriveled.

Five reasons why you ned this
1: It’s durable.
2: It’s a good custom fit & protects your baby’s clothes.
3: It’s light & is easy to carry along.
4: Customer service is above perfect
5: It’s stylish, secure & won’t unravel in the wash.

It’s settled, you need it! Buy it. It’s really really nice; it looks exactly like the picture & you will enjoy it because it will save you from doing laundry and having to take your baby’s good clothes to the cleaners because a stain got on it.

UMM, do you not want this for your little girl? You need it! It’s gorgeous, and she will love it! And Amanda also creates custom items for boys as well. Tell her I sent you. Go check out her store. Purchase & share. Go shop chi fashionista

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