💜🍼Review Thursday // Mommy Favorite 7🍼💜

💜🍼Review Thursday // Mommy Favorite 7🍼💜

I haven’t been a mommy for a very long time but I’ve got a list of my favorite mommy products that make my life soooooooo much easier! Before giving birth, I did lots of research on the best products and their functionality. I then created a list of things I wanted to have for my baby. Truth be told, I created a gift registry and only about four things were purchased off of it. But it was the things that I REALLY wanted. (Will magnify those things more in a later post). I purchased the other things that I didn’t get at used bargain prices. Babies only stay small for so long. I purchased used things because it only makes sense. I washed, cleaned out and scrub before putting my little blessing in there. But they work just the same.

4moms Bath Tub

I purchased the tub used from a seller off of craigslist. So far so AMAZING. It has been a game changer. I do really wish the part the baby lay their backs on would be softer. It’s a practical tub, can be used from infant till baby no longer wants to sit in there. It has a button that you press and it tells you what temperature the water is. When it’s blue, the water isn’t warm enough, too hot is red and green is good! It’s a game changer as far as infant tubs are concerned. I remember a lot of people saying “it made no sense getting it, just buy a $15 tub”. Well, I paid that price for it and it has done me well. If I was to improve on it, I would make it a bit deeper. The cut out on the side allows for almost all the water to fall out, which sucks. I would also add a spray nozzle to it so I can spray baby with water rather than using the cup.

4moms Mamaroo

Another USED purchase. I swear by 4moms. 

The mamaroo I purchased is Pink and Brown, which is no longer being made but works the same. I am in love with it. There is 7 settings to choose from. There is a compartment for an aux cord so you can play music or a story from your digital device. This magician of a swing, keeps baby occupied while you do whatever else you need to do. I love how easy it is to clean. Right now little lady seems small in there but I’m pretty sure she will grow into it. Don’t quote me on this but I think it can be used well to a year. We will just have to see how that goes. My only change recommendation would be to make the seat be able to lay all the way back. So baby can sleep laying down, rather than inclined.

Urbini Stroller and car seat combo

I love this combo…. Maybe I love it more for it’s potential than what it truly is. So far I’ve only used the car seat along with the stroller. We take bus and cab rides a lot so it’s somewhat more convenient. I want to love this so much…. but there are too many things that should be better. For starters, it’s way to flimsy. The cup holder portion of the stroller has NEVER been worn because it doesn’t stay on! IDK why. The stroller doesn’t stay closed because there isn’t a mechanism to keep it that way. The car seat is so gosh damn difficult to take out and put in! Like it shouldn’t have to take me a whole two minutes to adjust and readjust the car seat.. The straps in the car seat are short and a headache if you’re not handy. I love the colour, it’s radiant and stylish. I love the huge wheels, very cool. The look of the stroller screams high class. The car seat is soft and it keeps my little mama warm and toasty. I initially wanted the lime green stroller but it was sold out. I am happy with this set, hopefully, they make some better adjustments soon.

Round Crib

The round crib adds a level of elegance and sophistication to my room (that’s where it is at the moment). It’s probably the only thing in my room that looks good right now lol. To be honest, she sleeps in there during the day and on “good nights”. If she’s fussy or needing some extra cuddles we co-sleep. I love this crib! It’s big enough to fit her, even at this age. Yet its small enough to fit in a corner I didn’t use the white overhead curtain it came with because it’s way too simple  and seems incomplete to me. Instead, I used a white mosquito net and hang it over a hula hop and then put it over her bed. That was the only change I needed to make for it to fit my style. This will probably remain as her crib till she’s too long to fit in there. Then we will transfer to her big girl crib. My suggestion would be to make it larger and deeper…. But those suggestions might make it more pricey. I have a really great idea for a crib, maybe one day in the future I can pay someone to make it. Here’s to dreaming BIG!

Organic Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has been the most important of the 7 things. It has helped keep her skin moist. I sometimes put it in her bath. She comes out all brand new, smelling good and everything. I honestly use it for EVERYTHING. I use it on skin, I use it to prevent diaper rash, I use it in her hair, in her bath, her lips to prevent them from chapping. I mean EVERYTHING lol. I use it on myself as well. I have super dry skin so I’m hoping it helps my skin improve.




Baby Bottles

I have two favs MAAM and LATCH. At first, she gravitated more towards the latch bottle. It was her favorite. She is exclusively breastfed. On days that I had school, her caregiver would feed her with frozen breastmilk I already had for her. She seemed to love her latch bottle. But now she likes the MAAM bottle way more. Not sure what her reasoning is. She has a mind of her own and is her own person. Hahaha already at this age she’ss making her own decisions.







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