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Hey, Phoenixes here’s the “Tea”



Thanks for visiting, Morgain’s Tea is a lifestyle blog “Morgain’s Tea” derives from putting our last name “Morgain” and “Tea” as you know means gossip or juicy information. Here “we” is Queen Sass & Momma Sass.

Morgain’s Tea’s mission is to showcase the strong single parenting (independent motherhood) bond between Momma Sass & Queen Sass. I transitioned this blog to create a community for single moms to inspire us to live abundant, radiant lives. Lives that are authentic to who we are & our goals/dreams/talents. A life that is personal goal & community building oriented. Lives that sparks a fire of renewal within our souls and empowers us to be intentional about self-improvement and shining a light so our kids can follow. It’s time for us all to hone in on our personal strength and be reborn as the great powerful Phoenixes that we are.

Rebirth is necessary for us to walk in grace, gratitude, power, wisdom, & greatness.

Self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, and self-understanding is a right of passage into being our true selves. You are the benevolent co-creation of your fabulous life, you have the bricks to create a life you love. Here you will find the extra tools needed to aid you on your trip. You will find love, compassion, motivation, lifestyle tips, education and most of all you will get help to find you! This journey called life is not for the swift, it’s for those who NEVER give up. Those who take the hits on the chin like a champ & keep moving. Greatness is our birthrite & together we will continue to seek it. 


We are Phoenixes, mysterious, glorious, strong & un-messwithable.

It’s time to step into your power, it’s time to bask in your radiant beauty, it’s time to ignite the fire that will in turn mold you into the majestic human being you have hidden within you. As single moms we are no longer waiting for someone to come save us, we are creating the lives we want and rebranding the term “single mother”, we are INDEPENDENT MOMS on a mission, INDEPENDENT MOMS rising from the ashes of hurt, pain, mistruths, negativity, toxic dependency, and self-hate.





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Queen Sass:

Rainbow, Brand Ambassador, Model

Lover of life. Indigo child, born as a rainbow. She is smart, strong and very well-adjusted. This girl loves PJ masks & paw patrol. She enjoys spending time with her mommy (you can find her nursing every 5 mins). She is a joy to be around.  Everywhere she goes she commands the attention of a crowd, showing off her inherited social skills & attractiveness.  Already at such a young age she shows interest in dancing, singing & playing the piano.

“She is my guide, my unexpected rainbow. She lights up my life & gives me a reason to rise above all of my trials and tribulations. The biggest, most amazing blessing ever to grace my life.” -Trezelle aka Momma Sass






Momma Sass


Trezelle Morgain:

Doula, Entrepreneur, Model, Brand Ambassador 

St. Lucian born, NYC living, Trezelle is a serial entrepreneur & lifestyle Queen. She strongly believes in being intentional, in daily gratitude & self-development exercises & going after what she wants. She is a Doula, a Momma, an avid motivator. She is a Pescatarian & is raising Queen Sass as such. Eventually, she plans on going fully vegan.

Her food choices derive from her belief that food is supposed to heal not kill. Food is supposed to strengthen and enrich the body.

Trezelle loves to read books that promote personal development, growth, comedy & erotica. She enjoys writing, teaching & growing her business while empowering others to do the same. Daily she practices self-care by taking the first two hours of her day to read, write her gratitude thoughts, journal, bible devotions and pray to God. Although her day can be hectic at times she stays sane by taking a mid-day nap with Queen Sass. She believes it helps her rejuvenate her mind & recharge her body. In the evening time, she takes Queen Sass to their local park to play, run around and be outdoors.

She looks up to great bloggers like Destiney from Mom Crush Monday, Latham Thomas from Mama Glow and many other women doing the damn thing!

Trezelle is transforming the way women see themselves, interact with their children & build wealth one single mom at a time. Her goal is to use her influence and platform to write many bestselling books, courses & to host retreats and conferences to aid single mothers to rise from their situation and create a better life for themselves and their children. Her personal motto is “together we rise”.

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