Review Thursday // BeauGen Nipple Cushions

Review Thursday // BeauGen Nipple Cushions





Oh, I sure wish I had these at the beginning stages of pumping. Don’t get me wrong, I loved nursing. I loved providing liquid gold for my baby and the other two families I was donating to. But if I had this a the beginning it would’ve made pumping less painful.

7 things I love about you (BeauGen Mom)

  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Foolproof
  • Beautiful color makes me feel womanly & strong
  • Quality
  • Makes me happy just looking at it!

A luxury item that’s well worth the price and awesome raves it’s getting. In my prediction, this will be the new hot mom item in no time! Every pumping mom/caregiver etc should be using this! I see no regrets in sight.

Since I decided to resume pumping to donate, I will totally be using this!

I am so impressed by the founders of this amazing breast pump makeover company! Amazing husband and wife duo Chris Chang & Tu Hien Le,  after the birth of their daughter Ariana,  Tu Hein Le was faced with a dilemma that most new moms face. Difficulty breastfeeding! I’m sure she was broken up about it, but she didn’t give up! They decided that pumping would be best for them and that they did. But even that had its challenges, hence the birth of BeauGen Mom. If you’ve ever pumped before you will agree with me that it can hurt! It can be uncomfortable and just annoying. I’m almost certain that and alot more problems came up during Tu Hein’s pumping journey, I’m  grateful for her struggles because that’s what started the ripple effect of positive change for the pumping community. I sympathize with what she faced and I’m happy that she found a solution, one that very single one of us pumping moms can benefit from. She had a need, so she created the thing that would solve her problem.

Thanks, Tu Hien & Chris Chang your daughter is beautiful!

Grab a pair of Nipple cushions here.

Happy pumping Glam mom.


Glam Mom

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