The “Still me” movement.

The “Still me” movement.



Looky look, who is here! I haven’t posted in some time! I know, don’t judge me, I’ve been living life. I’ve raised my little rainbow baby and running a business. I miss writing to you guys. Comment below and tell me how you’re doing? Hopefully, I haven’t lost you.

Now to why I’m creating this post today.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m very vocal about social issues and I also love being glammed out and fashionable.

Lately, I’ve been very inspired and open about how much my life has changed since becoming a mom. I have had my ups and my downs. Being a mother inspired me to become a business owner, inspired me to live my best life, inspired me to attempt organization, inspired me true self acceptance & happiness.  Becoming a mother amplified everything that I already was. It amplified my kind-heartedness, my interest in modeling, my desire to be glammed out and amazing. Who I am at my core, the things that I loved never changed. I am still me. I am Me!

Yet, society has this stigma that mothers can no longer be who they were before giving birth. Like somehow during your labor you phased into someone completely different, completely void of who you were earlier. Which for most of us moms that’s not the case. We’re pressured to “act like a mom”, “forget about working, your job is to care for your children”, “you no longer have a life, no fun for you,  you’re a mom now”, “you have to wait till your kid turns 18 before you can feel fulfilled”. These are all things we’ve heard at one point. Then there’s the ridiculous judgment if we don’t fit the narrative of who others think we should be. Annoying right? YES, YES it is.


Yes, I am a mom, yes my daughter makes me happy, yes she comes first. Yes, I deserve to be happy, yes I deserve to continue the things that light my soul up, just as long as it doesn’t put my child/children in harm’s way. I can simultaneously be a great mom and still show love to myself. I can drink wine, I can take selfies, I can strut the runway, take dancing classes, write poetry etc. I am tired of society pushing its perspective on myself and other moms.Out of that frustration was born the “STILL ME” movement. My inspiration for putting this shoot together came from my own struggles, from me talking with other moms and hearing the frustration in their voices. From me feeling the anxiety and stress that comes from not practicing active self care. I feel the complete exhaustion and I decided to create this event as a time for us to connect, feel glam and get sometime to breathe.

My plan is to make this shoot a national maybe even a worldwide movement. As a contributor to Huffington Post, I will be writing about this movement on their platform. I will also be seeking local coverage and national coverage as well so that we can help show other moms how important it is to take time out for you! I want to help other moms feel  inspired to stay true themselves, to take time to practice self-care and to just live lives that light us all up. And everyone will get a full spread with their photos shown right here on

We’re accepting all genders, races, religions, sizes, gender identities etc. This shoot is to push the envelope and show our individuality, and our strength as a village of moms who not only have each other’s back but stands firm in who we are. Space is very limited as we only have 10 spots available. Currently, 5 of those spots are already taken.

We would love to have you. Once we fill out all our 10 spots we will close the application process.






Photo Concept ideas.

































Details of the shoot 

Shoot site: Albany NY

Shoot date: Sunday October 15th, 2017

Dress Fitting: Fifi’s Frocks & Frills 1811 Western Avenue, Albany NY 12203


What you get

*3-5 digital images.

*Free glass of wine/champagne day of the shoot.

*A custom “Still me” GLAM tote bag with a few items created by Myself.

*A free dress rental from Fifi’s consignment shop



-Flesh colored nude underwear as to not sure straps and such

-Please come to set with your skin colored foundation.

-Heels to match your dress and accentuate your body.

-Please exfoliate your skin the night before the shoot so you will look fresh face the day of the shoot.

-One matching outfit that makes you feel your strongest and most positive about yourself. (Has to be a solid color) For single person shots.


Timeline of shoot day

*1 pm – 2 Pm: Reach to set (Get started on Makeup, socializing, interview process to add to your profile etc)

*2 Pm – 3 pm: The beginning of the single headshots/ single person shots (Each person gets time alone in front of the camera to just be themselves) Don’t worry, I’m great at direction.

*4 pm – 6:30 pm: Shooting of group “Still me” shots.



Click the photo below to pay to participate.




* (The GLAM Tote bags)

* (Dress rentals)


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