Veterans’ Day

We all know someone who have put their life on the line to represent and fight for the U.S.A. If you don’t personally know someone, consider maybe changing that. Today is supposed to be a day when our troops are celebrated and recognized. Yet I’m left wondering “Why not celebrate them all year?” Veterans day is like Mothers day and many of the other days that are supposed to “celebrate” a certain person in our life…..

…….But what if we loved them, appreciate them and supported them 24/7, 365? What a beautiful more amazing world this would be…….


Today I acknowledge  Mr Glover ( He is going to kick my ass for not addressing him properly). He is the most amazing Military man I’ve met in a long time. FotorCreatedHe worked in the recruiting office I was receiving pre-bootcamp training/preparation from. He left a lasting impression on me. From his
amazing, uplifting pep talks to his amazing personality. I felt like I could speak to him concerning just about anything. #Veteranshoutout


If you haven’t heard of the  “woman of the year” controversy let me enlighten you. Caitlyn Jenner, got awarded “Glamour’s Woman of the year”….. Ha! To each their own. Let me introduce you to my heroines army_rangers_griest_haver_1440131336523_23011435_ver1.0_640_480 Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st. Lt. Shaye Haver,  WOMEN OF THE YEAR! First females to attend and completed the rigorous U.S. Army Ranger School! Don’t know what that is? Oh, just the HARDEST training the military offers. To complete this, one needs lots of mental strength. I am in no way saying that Caitlyn doesn’t have mental strength. I’m simply saying that these women deserved it! According to the men who guided them through it, they are the real deal.v“Those two women are legit and would have had outstanding careers in the military with or without a tab,” said Sgt. Maj. Colin Boley, the operations sergeant major for the Airborne and Ranger training brigade. Soon, they may have company as women among the military elite. The Navy will open its famed training school for SEALs to women, said Adm. Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations. After a “very objective analysis” of training standards, Greenert said, the special warfare community found they were appropriate for men or women.  So yea they do deserve Woman of the year. Veteran women of the year!  Cited from


Joe is my next #Veteranshoutout. He is an exemplary man, father, husband and dad.  I’m speaking from an outside perspective but the way he treats my best friend and their kids is amazing. Makes me believe in humanity. He is an amazing dad and I’m pretty sure he does great in his role as a leader in the Marine Corps.


Military personnel aren’t robots, they have feelings, families and are every bit human. They need our support, prayers and well wishes. Appreciate them, not only because they guard and protect this country, but because they are HUMAN!

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